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Electronic Voice Phenomenon – Recording the Voices of Spirits

Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are voices of spirits captured on Digital or Analog Recording devices such as video cameras, tape recorders and digital recorders.

Humans can hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz but have been known to hear as low as 12Hz in the quietest of conditions. So don’t get discouraged when you hear something on an investigation and do not capture the voice or sound (audio anomaly) on any of your recording devices. Most pieces of equipment cannot record lower than 20Hz (sub bass). Lower than 20Hz is considered infrasound and you would need a special transducer to record lower than that. These do exist but are very pricey.

Through our research and our audio experiments, we have found that we have captured most of our audio anomalies between 20Hz and 600Hz. The most substantial and clearest have come between 149Hz and 300Hz.

The classifications of an EVP range from A+ to D and are open for interpretation. Classifying an audio anomaly of a possible spirit is not an exact science.

Classification Description
A+ Able to tell gender and age and exactly what is being said on the recording. It’s the clearest and rarest of all EVPs.
A Able to tell gender and age and able to interpret what is being said but not 100% clear that what you hear is what others hear.
B Being able to tell gender but not sure of age as well as not 100% clear on what is being said.
C Cannot tell gender or age and not 100% sure what is being said.
D Know you captured an audio anomaly but not sure the gender, age, and what is being said if anything at all.

C and D to us are very similar, but D is of the poorest of quality.

White Noise is the blending of random frequencies. Some believe that this is the best way to capture and hear Electronic Voice Phenomena. As the spirits are able to manipulate the white noise to the spirits’ particular frequency, we are able to respond or capture a residual voice from the past that is vibrating on a particular frequency.

Residual EVPs are those voices and responses that have nothing to do with the question being asked but may have to do with the location that the question was asked in. Not intelligent. Just a spirit or energy that has no idea what is going on around it. It just exists and dwells like a tape being played over and over again.

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