Dorset Ghost Investigators

Dorset Ghost Investigators

13th March 2016

Dorset Ghost Investigators comprises two ghost hunters that share their paranormal activity & ghosts that they have caught on tape. You will see some of the scariest paranormal footage on youtube, and the best thing about it all is it’s real.


  1. Hi guys. I have been watching your videos since you first put up your experiences on YouTube. I have to say that I sometimes find it hard to see what you guys film but I remember a few months ago you put up a video where Ahmed thought he saw something move across infront of him (can’t remember episode number), but I repeatedly rewound that particular section and you can clearly see a mist like shape move quickly passed and go to the side of the church. That made me believe that none of it is made up. Although I never for one moment think any of the episodes are fake (unlike some “professional shows) , because my heart went up in my mouth. I took a more vested interest in the paranormal as my mum passed away last September after only seven weeks from diagnosis of secondary breast cancer. You guys are so brave going into graveyards. You have little equipment no techies following you about. I am a Christian and probably would get an ear bashing from churchgoers for watching paranormal shows, but I take the “shows” you see on to with a pinch of salt as you know that like most haunted it’s on for entertainment purposes …and most haunted has been axed because of the antics the crew got up too. You can see the episodes whereby eternal has banged cupboard doors seemingly thinking she is off camera etc and the fact that renowned professionals who went on the show told of the fakeness of the show. You guys I believe are the real deal. Maybe you should invite the people who question the authenticity of your vids to come along with you one night….. Keep up the good work. Keep enjoying what you are doing……

  2. Excuse the nonsense in a couple of sentences as my iPad predictive text is on and changed a couple of words lol

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