Paranormal Ghost Investigation Episodes: Mini Episodes

Grace Dieu Priory Mini Episode

Mini Episode: Grace Dieu Priory

Grace Dieu Priory never fails to offer some amazing evidence but this time, it offered up more evidence than even ... more »

Wistow Church & Graveyard

Mini Episode: Wistow Church

Join us as we step inside Wistow church and graveyard. Two of the team have had previous scary encounters there ... more »

Haunted Farmhouse

Mini Episode: The Farmhouse

Many intelligent responses were captured here at this private investigation. Secrets and stories unfolded here and there is no doubt ... more »

The Globe Public House Leicester

Mini Episode: The Globe Public House

Find out what we discovered in the haunted Globe Public House in Leicester, once used as accommodation for women awaiting ... more »

The Slaughter Fields Naseby

Mini Episode: The Slaughter Fields Naseby Northamptonshire

Paranormal Investigation at The Slaughter Fields Naseby, Northamptonshire This is a short investigation at The Slaughter Fields, several miles from ... more »

Bobby Mackey's U.S.A

Mini Episode: Bobby Mackey’s U.S.A 2012

Paranormal Investigation at Bobby Mackey’s U.S.A 2012 We flew to Kentucky in September 2012 to investigate reports of this haunted ... more »