Haunted Locations


Guys Cliffe House

Guy’s Cliffe House Warwick

Nov 07, 2016No Comments

Guy’s Cliffe House dates back to the 15th century and began as a secluded place of worship. It is named after Guy of Warwick and has ... more »


Carnfield Hall

Carnfield Hall Derbyshire

Nov 04, 2016No Comments

Carnfield Hall is a country house dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries, standing in around ninety acres of park and ancient woodland close to the ... more »


Wygston House

Wygston House Leicester

Sep 03, 2016No Comments

Wygston's House is the oldest house in Leicester having been there since medieval times. It was probably built for Roger Wygston, a member of the rich ... more »


Creaky Cauldron

The Creaky Cauldron Stratford upon Avon

Aug 03, 2016No Comments

Once an old Coaching Inn, records show that a building has stood at the location of the Creaky Cauldron since the 12th century while the existing ... more »


Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum

Jun 24, 2016No Comments

Reported to be the most haunted building in Peterborough, the Museum dates back to the 16th century where a grand mansion once stood. Some stonework still ... more »


Tutbury Castle Paranormal Investigation

Tutbury Castle Derbyshire

May 10, 2016No Comments

Tutbury Castle is a Royal residence still protected by the Queen because of its Historical importance and it is claimed to be very active by Paranormal ... more »


St Mary’s Guildhall Lincoln Paranormal Investigation

Lincoln Guildhall St Marys

May 08, 2016No Comments

Little was known about this location however we were told that it has never been investigated by a Paranormal Team before, so we were entering Virgin ... more »


Hathaway Tea Rooms Paranormal Investigation

Hathaway Tea Rooms

Jan 31, 2016No Comments

Built around 1610 and situation at number nineteen, High Street, Stratford upon Avon, Hathaway Tea Rooms is a Grade II listed building and occupies one of ... more »


Haunted Farmhouse

Private Farmhouse

Dec 08, 2015No Comments

We visited this private farmhouse after the owner asked us to investigate ongoing activity and was fearful of any dark entities that may be present amongst ... more »


Hell Fire Club Paranormal Investigation

Hellfire Club Ireland

Dec 08, 2015No Comments

Hellfire Club was a name for several exclusive clubs established in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. Such clubs were rumoured to be the meeting ... more »