Carnfield Hall Derbyshire

Carnfield Hall
4th November 2016


Carnfield Hall is a country house dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries, standing in around ninety acres of park and ancient woodland close to the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border. Over the years, it has had many different owners and has been altered several times.

Ghostly phenomena is quite common here with sounds of moving furniture, shuffling, music and footsteps widely reported. The building also has a macabre history of murder.

Today, Carnfield Hall is open to the public for guided tours and its hall and grounds are hired out for private receptions and corporate events.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

This Ancient location classed as one of the most haunted houses in England and did not appear anything less after our investigation here.

We experienced all types of Paranormal activity these include, Evps, Disembodied sounds and voices, rapid temperature drops, poltergeist type activity. Shadows seen all around us at variant points in the house at different times of the night.

We investigated several areas where most activity is claimed albeit nearly all of the house as witnessed phenomena at some point over the years.

Such tragedy is felt here and over the entire investigation we communicated with several entities, both male and female plus a little child that had been murdered by his father.

We had great success with capturing many evps responses on the ghost portal, evp recorders and a few evps captured on the cam mic both were intelligent in nature and residual also.

Strange neon bright orb/ light anomalies were also seen on several occasions.

The oddest thing we encountered was seeing a heavy velvet lined curtain move in the gun room on further scrutiny we found no wind coming in from sealed windows and could not explain a shadow move under the door prior to this occurrence.

There are many more ghostly goings on taking place here and we intend to visit and investigate further the many areas left to try and ascertain the truth.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

Carnfield hall is without doubt in our minds highly active and one to cherish for a long time to come and requires careful investigatory methods.

We felt no dark entities here nor did we feel threatened, protection is advised as this place as many tragic events attached to its foundations.

Provocation is not advised however we did mildly provoke and we got a response, which is very rare for us to undertake.

Truly magical location and very highly active.

Paranormal Activity

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