The Creaky Cauldron Stratford upon Avon

Creaky Cauldron
3rd August 2016


Once an old Coaching Inn, records show that a building has stood at the location of the Creaky Cauldron since the 12th century while the existing building has been there since the 16th century. It is reported that during the 1700s, a series of brutal attacks took place on prostitutes which have left a spectral imprint on the building. it is also reported that the building is haunted by parliamentary soldiers who occupied the building during the English Civil War. It is now a museum owned by a medium.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

This Historic location aptly named as one of the most Haunted locations in the country lived up to its reputation.

An abundance of evps and responses captured on evp recorders and cam mics and the ghost portal and sb7.

The lower floor and staircase was highly active, murders took place here and both male and female entities were engaged, the atmosphere was icy and at times malevolent. Responses were intelligent with disembodied voices captured on cam mics also.

Both Stu and tony experienced strange feelings of being touched and temperature drops turned skin into ice.

Strange lights were captured and orb anomalies, footsteps and bangs also happened without warning and no explanation to the origin leaving these to be classed unexplained phenomena.

Kit Used

Ghost portal, rem pods, main cams, and static cams evp recorders and experimental prism and the Sb7 spirit box.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

The sheer amount of evidence captured here puts the reputation of the team and the location on the paranormal map for living up to the claims of paranormal that take place here, an amazing investigation.

There is no doubt that this location is highly active and although there was no threat there was some dark entities engaged.

The sadness and tragedy seeped out of the walls and gave an air of omnipresence and strong feelings of in justice, protection is required and advised after investigating this place.

Stu and his stone reading methods proved very compelling and guided the questioning with accurate information which came through to him.

There is much more to be discovered here and a future invest a must.

Paranormal Activity

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