Guy’s Cliffe House Warwick

Guys Cliffe House
7th November 2016


Guy’s Cliffe House dates back to the 15th century and began as a secluded place of worship. It is named after Guy of Warwick and has had many uses over the years including as a hospital during WW1 and a school for evacuated children in WW2. It is currently owned by Freemasons.

It is said to be one of the most haunted locations in England and a significant amount of ghostly phenomena has been reported.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

This Fantastic Gothic Location which once was used to film a Sherlock Holmes episode The Last Vampyre, is the most stunning we have investigated to date. The Architecture and grounds are beautiful but lairy.

The Activity here is on a huge scale, apparitions, poltergeist occurrences, from making loud seismic thuds to moving objects, to making us feel sick and dizzy almost like falling down into an abyss.

This Huge Location is daunting and we felt nothing but bad negative energy, evps were of a very nasty threating nature and we felt an entity was following us from room to room and we picked up threats from this same male time and time again.

During the investigation we undertook several areas but not the entire house or outbuildings due to a time factor and vastness of this location.

The lower and upper chapel areas were ramped with activity all of a negative nature.

We captured many evps and several from the Ghost portal and again some captured on cam mics, also a few disembodied responses we heard real time. Both intelligent and residual in nature.

On one occasion in the boardroom we experienced a swirl of iciness and unwelcome feelings, soon after the evp session started Garry felt he was being dragged into an abyss, unbeknownst at the time it was reported later by Adrian the custodian to be a common occurrence in that room.

Such is the reported loud seismic shudders felt here by many people over time that it is believed to be emanating from a powerful poltergeist.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

One thing is for sure and that is Guy's Cliff is extremely haunted and predominantly by male entities and often we were not welcome.

Many powerful forces are at work here and the investigation was incredible many strange occurrences and uneasy atmospheres surrounded us and we felt uncomfortable.

This place is heavy with energy and more than likely due to the deaths that have taken place here over the centuries many violent in nature.

We will return to investigate further and to seek more of its secrets.

Protection is highly advised, also tread careful and do not provoke as this could unleash really bad reactions from the entities that reside here.

There is no doubt that poltergeist activity is happening here with claims of people being made sick, dizzy and being pushed, along with objects being thrown and loud seismic bangs that shudder the foundations.

We ourselves encountered a large rock being thrown at us in the coaching house. That was an incredible experience.

Without doubt a very unwelcome location to encounter and the worst negative energy we have experienced to date.

One to live long in the memory.

Paranormal Activity

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