Hathaway Tea Rooms

Hathaway Tea Rooms Paranormal Investigation
31st January 2016


Built around 1610 and situation at number nineteen, High Street, Stratford upon Avon, Hathaway Tea Rooms is a Grade II listed building and occupies one of the town’s most historic locations. The building has been used for multiple purposes over the years including an inn, book shop, apothecary, surgery and – since 1931 – the Hathaway Tea Rooms.

Several entities are claimed to reside here and most activity suggested a residual type haunting with apparitions claimed to have been seen in two areas, the main upstairs dining area and the top landing to the stairs with cold spots reported also.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

We were totally blown away by the experience we had here along with evidence of both residual and intelligent hauntings on Evps and camera mics.

The Attic area stairs and landing were energised with activity, the attic in particular the most dreaded place on this location to be in.

We found the small tea room cellar attic stairs and landing the most Uber active and seemed to match what we were told by the owner and much more we uncovered, the maid’s room a revelation.

Stu who hones in on the entities present, was again very accurate with names and types of entities that dwell here and further cemented into our minds that his skill and guidance is very real when we are investigating and an advantage.

We had experience of knocks and bangs that were intelligent, cold spots, severe kit malfunction and kit being triggered in a lockdown area and captured on night vision cameras, along with a bizarre intelligent shape moving in the cellar, and 4 of the team were pushed in the maid’s room.

The following kit was utilised: several static night vision and full spectrum cameras, Tascam, Panasonic Evp recorders, Sb7, Psb 11, motion detectors, rempod and vibe pod.

We also conducted smoke sessions using a smoke machine and strobe lights for aiding in an experiment with potential spirit manipulation of the smoke.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There is no doubt this location is far more active than meets the eye, both residual and intelligent spirits are here.

There is also not only sadness and dread felt here, but evidence that suggests that a dark secret surrounding a hanging and shooting took place here which suggests that something sinister has occurred here over time.

Although highly active, only mild protection is required here but mindful of any tags, we suggest smudging and a prayer be suffice in this case.

An extraordinary investigation and one that far exceeds the claims of paranormal activity that takes place here.

Paranormal Activity

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