Hellfire Club Ireland

Hell Fire Club Paranormal Investigation
8th December 2015


Hellfire Club was a name for several exclusive clubs established in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. Such clubs were rumoured to be the meeting places of high society gentlemen who allegedly wished to take part in certain immoral acts.

The Irish Hell Fire Club was active between 1735 and 1741 and used Mount Pelier lodge – now known as the Hell Fire Club – on top of Montpelier Hill as a meeting place. Stories of wild behaviour, debauchery, occult practices and demonic manifestations have become part of the local lore over the years.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

This investigation took place during the mid-afternoon due to inclement weather forecast, so we had to abandon a night time investigation. However in the 2 hours we were there we captured many fantastic compelling evps and Sb7/ PSB 11 responses, both intelligent and residual. Sad pitiful wretched entities reached out to us, and two unusual orb anomalies and devilish faces in smoke experiment.

The atmosphere inside was some of the darkest and sickening we have encountered, a place of sinister ominous presence, even more so when we captured the “Here is Satan” PSB 11 response. For each minute after we could feel the incarnate energy going thicker and darker, Tony became violently sick and we all wanted to take flight and run.

Equipment utilised: one single day/night time video camera, Panasonic Tascam evp recorders and Sb7/ PSB11 spirit box.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There is no doubt this location is incarnate and the longer the investigation would go on the more malevolent and oppressive this place would become.

We were astonished at the high levels of paranormal activity here occurring in only 2 hours of day time investigation. Astonished but not surprised!

Extreme caution is required here along with some very powerful protection, amulets crucifix and prayers, holy blessed water.

Paranormal Activity

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