Lincoln Guildhall St Marys

St Mary’s Guildhall Lincoln Paranormal Investigation
8th May 2016


Little was known about this location however we were told that it has never been investigated by a Paranormal Team before, so we were entering Virgin Ground.

Built upon an ancient burial ground, this site served as the combined headquarters for the united guilds of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary, St. John the Baptist and St. Katherine. Following the suppression of guilds in 1547, for a time it served as the city’s armoury and (until 1822) its treasury.

The previous day two of the team went to make an inspection of the location and as entering the lower great hall via the staircase a dark male evp was captured using periscope and this was the beginning of some incredible activity.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

At first this location appeared to be quiet. How wrong we were and later that night we could not believe how active this place turned out to be.

We captured many evps and several orbs, plus some very pitiful scary responses, including a horrid disembodied voice in the lower great hall heard by all the team and was very sinister.

An oppressive atmosphere was felt and we believe we stumbled upon some very nasty hidden secrets crimes that went unpunished, entities reaching out to tell us, and we captured the most sickening female evps to date.

Something tragic and horrible as taken place here ending in demise.

Kit utilised Evp recorders, SB7 PSB 11 rempods and night vision cams, also Smoke sessions were undertaken too.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There is no doubt this little location is presenting high paranormal activity and warrants further investigations to ascertain more of this buildings secrets.

Protection is needed as the spirits here weigh heavy on ones soul and an overwhelming sadness shrouded us leaving a wretched feeling for many days after.

This Location will probably increase in activity as we have engaged and opened up the door. For us the investigation proved that Paranormal Activity is happening here and sad desperate souls remain.

A superb hidden Paranormal gemstone.

Paranormal Activity

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