Moira Furnace

Moira Furnace
28th November 2014


The Moira Furnace in Derbyshire is a remarkably well-preserved 19th Century blast furnace used for the smelting of iron. It is now a museum, operated by the Moira Furnace Museum Trust and has become a popular site for the detection of paranormal activity.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

The Moira Furnace features in Season 1 Episode 2 of our Paranormal Investigations series of videos which we filmed on 28th November 2014.

Astonishing building that surprised us all! Activity ranged from Evps captured on Evp recorders and sb7 spirit box and mic cams.

Disembodied female voice captured several times in Evp and Rvp format, could be heard singing and moaning.

Cold spots, orbs and sounds of items could be heard being moved on static cams and during Evp sessions caught on camera mics also investigators getting iced up.

Responses from male and female entities, pitiful and sometimes full of profanity.

Insane disembodied temperature spikes reaching over 102 degrees on a chilly foggy moonlit night.

Over 40 plus Evps and several orbs captured, k2 hits and mel meter spikes.

Verdict and Conclusion

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Our Review

Intelligent and Residual haunting. Passive and aggressive entities reside here, and validation possibly of claims by staff and visitors of paranormal activity of the singing female.

An oppressive building and a sadness can be felt, however again not a place to be taken lightly, tread carefully, very high degree of paranormal activity. Protection advised!

Paranormal Activity

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