Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall Paranormal Investigation
8th December 2015


Ordsall Hall is a historic house and a former stately home in Ordsall, Greater Manchester. The building dates back more than 750 years, although the oldest surviving parts of the present hall were built in the 15th century. Ordsall Hall has stories of hauntings such as the White Lady who is said to appear in the Great Hall or Star Chamber.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

Ordsall Hall features in Season 2 Episode 1 of our Paranormal Investigations series of videos.

We experienced a phenomenal amount of paranormal activity at this location: evps, disembodied voices and sounds, orbs and direct audible intelligent responses, feeling of energy and cold spots.

Ordsall hall has many entities here both male and female and at least two dark entities that resides in the Attic areas and Italian plaster room corridor. Residual and intelligent responses. We encountered very strange atmospheres with the rooms we investigated. The main activity was in the star chamber, the attic and the corridor within the Italian plaster room, albeit the great hall was as active as these rooms also.

The most sinister responses lay within the attic areas, we received evps saying the bad is coming, and pitiful pleas for help by a female entity. On the stairwell we received an incredible disembodied voice of a female saying “Annie” both heard by Tony and Stu which was captured on the night vision cam mics. We felt entities all around us in most of the areas we investigated and many strange orb anomalies appeared at times of evp sessions.

The activity here was wide ranging and intense, most spirits were indeed passive but we definitely felt two entities of a dark aggressive nature in this Tudor building.

We utilised night vision cameras, Panasonic and Tascam evp recorders rempods, emf, MG meters sb7 spirit box and k2s during this investigation.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

The paranormal activity here was of an incredible intensity and evidence captured was both compelling and incredible.

We feel caution here when investigating. In particular, the attic space areas and the corridor to the Italian plaster room as this is where sinister entities reside and are no doubt territorial. Protection is required and caution when investigating this location.

Paranormal Activity

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