Peterborough Museum

Peterborough Museum
24th June 2016


Reported to be the most haunted building in Peterborough, the Museum dates back to the 16th century where a grand mansion once stood. Some stonework still survives from the original building in the cellar of the museum. The core of the current building dates back to 1816 when it was a house for a local magistrate. In 1856, it became the city’s first hospital but shortly after the hospital moved to newer larger premises in 1928, the building became what is now known as Peterborough Museum.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

Peterborough Museum is home to extraordinary Paranormal activity. Many entities reside here including apparitions of an Anzac Soldier and a little girl seen roaming the upper halls, plus claims of Poltergeist Activity.

We encountered disembodied sounds and voices all through the night and picked up on uncomfortable energies in most of the building.

The portal for the negative Energies, Stu our medium informed us, was emanating from the “Old Victorian Operating Theatre”.

Such was the intensity of the zombie like souls trapped in there and the inclusion of an “Elemental” that Stu declined to join in, explaining the bad energies would overwhelm him.

We encountered female entities and an aggressive male entity cursing us with profanity.

Our session in this area was intense and eerie.

The Priestgate Cellars

Although highly active, the team felt no threat in here. We encountered a female called Alison and children, disembodied sounds and voices and again direct communication in abundance.

Extraordinary responses and at one point a male telling us to “Fuck off now”. Could this have been the Poltergeist that is reported to attack people in here? Footsteps and doors being slammed could be heard by the team.

Upper Halls

These two areas had eerie sensations to them and feelings of being watched and followed. Again extraordinary evps and responses and footsteps and at one point the sound of dragging along the floor.

We also made contact with two world war 2 pilots which was amazing experience.

Kit Used

Evp recorders, sb7, PSB 11, Rempod, trigger bear, Ghost Portal, and experimental smoke machine, locked down infrared and night vision cameras, full spectrum cameras.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There is no doubt that Peterborough Museum has high levels of Paranormal Activity and such is the intensity, protection is a must.

Investigating here was a privilege and an honour and one day we shall return to this epic haunted location.

An incredible Historic Building!

Paranormal Activity

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