The Block

The Block
6th February 2015


The Block is a vast abandoned building in the heart of Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. It has 4 floors and was built in the early 1800s to service the brewing industry. It reportedly housed British and American troops during the 1940’s as part of the ongoing war effort.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

The Block features in Season 1 Episode 5 of our Paranormal Investigations series of videos which we filmed on 6th February 2015

Evps captured on evp recorders, sb7 spirit box and cam mics, orbs captured, extreme cold spots, and dark oppressive energy felt everywhere, angel’s fingers and general feeling of being iced up. Rvp and Evps captured on several occasions, possible dark shadow figure captured, along with disembodied sounds and ball bearings being thrown, orb anomalies with a clear face that can be seen, very compelling!

Kit malfunction battery drain encountered also during the nights investigation.

K2 hits, rempod activity, mega gauss readings taken also.

This place was one of the worst we have investigated, claims of a ‘poltergiest’ that is aggressive resides here and several other entities that are a mix of passive and foul mouthed, full of profanity, which we encountered in entirety! During the night.

Disembodied female voices were heard by all investigators and captured on devices, objects being thrown and moved.

Verdict and Conclusion

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Our Rating

Very oppressive place, very highly active, dark energy and protection an absolute, such is the threat felt by the poltergeist and dark entities that reside here, definitely not recommended to invest alone!

Extreme Paranormal activity and malevolence in the air, great care must be taken, provocation not advised and investigators must be vigilant at all costs. There is no doubt that the activity here is intense and further potential for it to get out of control in our opinion very likely.

We only scratched the tip of the paranormal iceberg and that was incredible in only 4 hours of investigation and we believe activity was increasing as time went by. We hope to invest here again all night, such is the high levels of dark paranormal contained within this ghastly place of foreboding.

This place on par with the 'Ancient Ram Inn’ for dark oppressiveness, energy, and threatening entities.

Paranormal Activity

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