The Same Yet Inn

Same Yet Inn Paranormal Investigation
19th August 2015


The Same Yet is a pub in Greater Manchester built in 1800 for local farmers and labourers to have a well earned pint at the end of the day. It is said to exhibit ghostly manifestations including the ghost of a man called James Heyward who was reportedly murdered nearby in 1843.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

The Same Yet Inn features in Season 1 Episode 9 of our Paranormal Investigations series of videos which we filmed on 19th August 2015.

The Same Yet Inn was a place never before investigated and during our investigation we captured much evidence and stumbled upon something very sinister involving a murder and several male entities a female and a child spirit came through.

There is a deep mystery here that does warrant further investigation. We experienced activity here of quite astonishing proportions considering the overall limited areas we investigated.

The spirits here are midly passive but eager to communicate with us, both intelligent and residual in nature.

Evps captured on Sb7 spirit box, evp recorders Tascam and Panasonic, also on cam mics, other equipment used, laser grids, rempods k2s and emf meters.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There was indeed an overwhelming feeling of tragedy and sadness that was felt by us and there is more going on here that meets the eye and needs time to uncover the truth.

There was no negative energy felt here, and although highly active there is no need to be concerned about protection, just the ability to respect those spirits we communicated with.

Residual and intelligent haunting and a real local jewel in the crown.

Paranormal Activity

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