Tutbury Castle Derbyshire

Tutbury Castle Paranormal Investigation
10th May 2016


Tutbury Castle is a Royal residence still protected by the Queen because of its Historical importance and it is claimed to be very active by Paranormal Phenomena.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

The investigation conducted here was incredible and we believe we encountered high levels of Paranormal Activity, evidence was both intelligent and residual. Captured on all kit utilised.

We experienced cold spots and feelings of high energy, we investigated the dungeon, the South Tower and the main part of the castle which undertook the Great Hall and Kings Bedroom.

Stu our Medium picked up on various elements of just what he felt was haunting this Historic location, on occasions it matched what other people have experienced here, including Dark enitities and malevolent a forces, possibly what we call Inhuman, although not conclusive we did engage several aggressive spirits, and again with compelling accuracy.

This is also the first time we have captured on video a black mass, shadow person and as we had no light scource and working in the pitch black of darkness cannot debunk this as any scource of contamination.

The sheer movement and way it carries forward until it basically disappears is extra ordinary.

Stu did warn us he noticed a tall Dark figure stand behind Tony and Garry, which makes this even more credible.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

There is no doubt Tutbury Castle is highly Active and Haunted.

We Advise caution and personal protection is required due to the many dark negative forces at work here.

We hope to return soon, to gain even more validation of the incredible evidence we captured here on our first visit.

Tutbury Castle was an incredible Investigation for the Team and we believe we successfully ascertained the Paranormal Activity that often has been claimed to take place here.

Paranormal Activity

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