Wistow Church

Wistow Church & Graveyard
16th October 2015


Wistow Church in Leicestershire dates from the 12th century with stories of Human hairs growing through the grass, presumably that of Saint Wistan, Christian Prince of Mercia who was murdered here by his cousin in 849.

At the start of our investigation, the team was very edgy and as the investigation progressed, some disembodied voicies were captured which contributed to the overall feeling of unease.

Brief Summary of Paranormal Activity

Equipment utilised: Olympus and Tascam recorders, night vision cameras, rempods , Panasonic evp recorder and sb7 spirit box.

Many responses captured here on all devices both intelligent and residual in nature. Stu used mediumship to guide the team on evp and sb7 spirit box sessions.

Paranormal activity here was fairly high and many intelligent responses were captured. In particular, names were given and on occasions answers to questions posed by the team.

Any night-time investigation is a challenge due to possible contamination, however this was considered and all contamination has been scrutinised and accounted for and what remains is clear engagement with entities.

Some responses were sad and some dark. On one occasion Stu was lead to a grave and an evp gave the name of a female buried there which proved to be a very compelling moment.

Verdict and Conclusion


Our Rating

Wistow proved very active, the rempods were set to proximity and were triggered many times but no threat was encountered here by the team. Engagement with entities was fluid and intelligent. All in all, a very successful investigation conducted over 2 hours and evidence was captured many times.

Paranormal Activity

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