Season 1 Episode 8: Newark Castle

27th May 2015

Newark castle paranormal investigation.

Tonight Hauntings of England investigate Newark castle Nottinghamshire, home to murder, treason, suicide, black magic

At midnight a whirlwind swept over Newark with such violence that the townsfolk thought their houses would fall and in that hour of Elemental disturbance and human terror, the king passed away….

Some say the king was poisoned on orders from the pope!

Join us has we step inside a portal to a medieval time!


  1. Loved the amount of EVP’s you got on this investigation. I watch all the ghost investigations on TV apart from ghost adventures. The guys are like the ghost facers off supernatural but you show I could take seriously and I liked that. I actually come from Lincoln so not far from Newark so this was interesting to me. I now live in Scotland where there are plenty of haunted places. Hope to see you guys on TV sometime soon but till then keep up the good work and I will keep watching on the site. Laters Guys! Donna

    • thanks

    • Yes we tend to get a lot of Evp at most locations.

  2. impressed with Newark

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