Season 2 Episode 6: Royal Galleries of Justice

13th February 2016

The Royal Galleries of Justice Paranormal Investigation.

The Royal Galleries of Justice in Nottingham served as a law court from 1375 and expanded into a jail from 1449 onwards. In 1878, the jail was closed due to the dreadful conditions but a police station was added in 1905. The police station closed in 1985 with the courts closing a year or so later. It is now a museum.

Paranormal activity here has been claimed and witnessed by many. Apparitions, disembodied voices and a dark nefarious atmosphere felt throughout the entire building.

A macabre, ominous incarnate energy falls over anyone who sets foot inside this haunted location.

Follow us as we step inside and conduct a paranormal investigation of one of the most haunted buildings in England…as we wonder what awaits us in the DARKNESS…

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