Season 2 Episode 7: Lincoln Guildhall

9th April 2016

Paranormal Investigation at Lincoln Guildhall

Built upon an ancient burial ground, this site served as the combined headquarters for the united guilds of the Holy Trinity, St. Mary, St. John the Baptist and St. Katherine. Following the suppression of guilds in 1547, for a time it served as the city’s armoury and (until 1822) its treasury. Tonight, we enter this medieval site to investigate unaccountable activity, as we believe it to be on virgin ground, and as to our knowledge we believe this to be the first investigation by a paranormal team. Our aim is to verify those claims. So, as the Moon rises, and the air becomes still, we once more enter the maze of the paranormal, and reach out to any wishing to communicate.


  1. Great use of infrasound, guys!

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