Season 3 Episode 2: Wygston House Leicester

3rd September 2016

Paranormal investigation at Wygston House Leicester

Tonight we are invited to investigate this Ancient location for the very last time before it closes and re-opens as an active museum.
This hidden gem built in 1490 has many claims of paranormal activity. Staff report of a child apparition and many disembodied sounds and voices, along with footsteps, doors opening and closing by themselves and furniture being moved. In particular there was a feeling of malevolence in the cellar area as though eyes were watching us through every twist and turn.
So, follow us as we slip slide through the passage of time into the paranormal realms.
To seek the truth to engage all that reside here…as we wonder what awaits us in the Darkness.
Tick Tock the Wygston house clock!

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