Season 1 Episode 1: The Ancient Ram Inn

31st October 2014

Ancient Ram Inn – Paranormal Investigation

We investigate this momentous parlour where extramundane phenomena dwells…spine-chilling encounters lurk in their most heinous manifestations…encompassing our profound fears. In local mythology, it is believed that these hauntings are akin to unfathomable proceedings. Such proceedings involved the ominous acts of child sacrifice, black magic and other obscure satanic rituals.

Evp Recorders and Sb7 spirit box responses. Massive dark energy felt throughout the building, cold spots, bangs and major K2 Hits, Rempod activity and kit malfunction. Over 40 plus evp responses from several Entities and a Demonic growl heard by all in the Bishops room. Unexplained feelings of Nausea and sickness, light anomalies and orbs, investigators getting iced up. Battery and power drain throughout the night, Malevolent entity in the attic area.

Highly active and lives up to its reputation not a place to be taken lightly or a place to provoke the dark entities that reside there. Ominous and oppressive building extreme paranormal activity, aggressive foul abusive responses. Intelligent and residual haunting. Extreme care must be taken investigating! Protection an absolute! Dark paranormal contained within this very scary building.


  1. Cracking location, great episode thanks

  2. Excellent video!

  3. I feel so sorry for John to be in that house all by himself with those nasty spirits. I hope they don’t hurt him. Compared to what he looked like when GAC went there til now I think those spirits have done enough to him… God bless him..

    • I was wondering if this is the same place and guy that GAC went to! Old man humphreys looks so different!

  4. F*ck that. I would never go their man.

  5. Very nice investigation. Good site as well.I will keep this in my favorites for sure!

  6. Your all so brave. The grave broke my heart when it said they left me. I could never go in there. Great investigation guys.

    • Yes was a very strange one, made us feel sad at the time

  7. Great format! The owner sure is a character & indeed a brave fella to stay there! Fantastic E.V.P’s too, can’t wait to watch the next episodes. =0)

  8. The noises and activities are some of the best around, but I found this place has the most desperately sad and sombre atmosphere of a history that holds the most abhorrent and evil acts imaginable

  9. At about 30:42-30:44 there looks like a fluttering light by curtains but then it darts really quick by the light. Is that something or just a bug? I can see the dust particles & flying bugs so not really sure. Thanks.

  10. hAuntings of England is much better than Ghost hunters ✌ I luv ur show guys keep it up Just starting to watch ur show epi 1 amazing cant wait for more episodes to watch it !

  11. you did ask for them to say something nice to you, think u got ur response “i love”

  12. That Man is very Brave to still live in that Old House of His. He is probably saying why should I leave, they should go. When it is his turn to go from this World, he can get his own back and kick the evil ones up the arse.

  13. such big ups to you guys! I gotta say right off the bat that this episode has been better than any US made episode about the ram that ive ever seen! within the first 5 minutes ive already gotten more information than ive ever heard about the ram! this is so amazing! gotta say I am hooked and hauntings of England is now my #1 favorite paranormal show! I never knew about the bishops room or the oldest wall in britian OR that mary the virgin owned it! im just blown away! seriously props props props!!!!! now I want to make a visit to England even more so than I did before! keep up the amazing work!!! :DDD

  14. when you guys ask how many spirits in the bar area; response I hear is…get out…2nd time ive heard it say that..seems like theyre doing theyre best to avoid your questions

  15. Interesting vid. Luv it.

  16. Very creepy. Loved it. Would it be possible to get even more detailed info about the Inn, what happened there, etc? I’m always curious about places like this, if there’s a way to help bring the spirits peace, & so forth.

  17. Wow, Thank You!! Creepy cool episode!! No wonder you all were nauseated and felt sick. Got the impression there is a lot of Hate and Anger there. The spirits did not want you all there snooping into their business. Don’t know how John can stay. GOD bless him and protect him. Your investigative team as well. Keep up the great investigating and keep it Creepy Cool!! Thank You for inviting me to sign up on your website from Twitter.

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