Season 1 Episode 2: The Moira Furnace

28th November 2014

The Moira Furnace – Paranormal Investigation

One cannot define in brief the mere beauty of celestial souls…

Constructed during 1804 by the heart of Earl Moira, The Moira Furnace beholds the most prolific, earthbound spirits that have been deprived of their longing for the unearthly light. Beckon your heart to this beautiful time; what awaits us as we step inside….the Moira Furnace?

Iron was considered one of the most prominent and pivotal aspects to the Ashby Woulds and created an abundance of money, thus Earl Moira exploited this and constructed the furnace. However, there are several enigmas concerning the furnace that are relevant to the celestial phenomenon that occurs whilst the night is basking in ascension…


  1. the sentence by the statue of Hastings sounds like hell my name is Hastings

    • Good episode enjoyed this one

      • Yes this was a good place 🙂

      • Thanks

  2. What was that I the top left corner @ 15:18-15:19?

    • Sorry, it’s the bottom comment don’t know how to delete the top comment.

  3. At 15:14-15:16 watch the top left corner, what was that?

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