Season 1 Episode 3: Little Dean Jail

20th December 2014

Little Dean Jail – Paranormal Investigation

Encased, enraptured and chastened by the ticking sands of time, the walls are inherent with fear, loathing and evil…

Sorrowful pity and pain resides…which lies under a moonlit night.

As we open the door and step inside, the Little Dean Jail

A bygone age, souls, reaching out.

Like cold tentacles, upon our skin.

We hear the cries, we feel the pain.

We are casted asunder, incarcerated.

Within our hearts, the sadness remains.

As we walk the wheel…in the Little Dean jail.


  1. Fantastic!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the episode.

  2. This is the first one I’ve watched … Spooky indeed, the pictures at the end sent a shiver down my spin.
    You was missing just 1 thing though, a glamorous lady on your crew 😉
    It was really good though lads and I can’t wait to watch more 🙂

    • Thanks

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