Season 1 Episode 4: Grace Dieu Priory

4th January 2015

Grace Dieu Priory – Paranormal Investigation

The Priory was founded between 1235 and 1241 by Rosa De Verdon.

Many sightings of the supernatural have been reported over many years. These include, spectral figures seen roaming the ruins at night and orbs, and strange light anomalies. There have been many claims of disembodied screams that can be heard by people when walking along the darkened lanes, the viaduct area is a citadel for entities and high energy fields, enchanting by the moonlight but chilling whence shrouded in the cloak of darkness!

Then as night falls upon us, only then the Priory is willing to give up its darkest secrets.

So open the gate and step inside, the sleepy hollow your heart desires, the citadel of ghosts that always reside within the ruins and the haunted wood.

The Priory of Grace Dieu.

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