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The murder pit

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 536 Views

HH Holmes was one of the earliest serial killers ever documented in the United States. They suspect he murdered hundreds of people, maybe even thousands. His claim to fame was to murder people, and then sell organs/skeletons off to medical schools for research. He made enough money doing this, that...

Goldfield Dust Devil

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 504 Views

One of Colorado’s old abandoned mining towns is called Goldfield. We like to go up there and hike around in the fall because it’s so beautiful in the mountains in that area. You can still go up to some of the old mine buildings, even though you are not supposed...

Medicine Men of Capulin New Mexico

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 637 Views

Just outside the small town of Capulin, New Mexico is mostly dormant volcano. The cone of the volcano has collapsed in upon itself, and the lava no longer erupts from the cone, but now comes out from the base of the mountain, in small lava rivers. Within the collapsed cone...

The dangers of confrontation

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 457 Views

When Tina and I had first gotten together, she lived in a house where the elderly man who owned it last had died while living on the property. His ghost never moved on, and still resided in the house. As long as it was just her and her kids, he...

My daughter

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 491 Views

When I was back in college, I had a relationship with a young woman that didn’t work out. However, after we broke up, I found out she was pregnant with my baby. I tried to get back together/help out, but she wanted nothing to do with it. To keep this...

Old West” saloon in Cimmaron

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 469 Views

There’s a haunted , New Mexico, USA, called the St James Hotel. Their most prominent supernatural spirit is a ghost of a man named TJ. The story is that he won the hotel, from the original owner in a poker game, but, as he was going back to his room...

My scariest ghost encounter

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJames 604 Views

Was living in a haunted rental house shortly after separating from my wife, at the time. Had many interactions with spirits in that home. Most were of a benign nature, however there was 1 truly terrifying interaction that I will never forget. I am a psychically sensitive person. One night,...

The white dog

Mar 27, 2016No CommentsJenny578 Views

Few years back I would walk my dog at 4:30 am. It depended on my work schedule. I live in a very quiet town and no one is around at that time. I’m walking down the street and I see a woman walking a big beautiful white dog. She is...