Ghost of 1812

 Author: Izabella

 Date uploaded: 28th May 2015

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After the forest on the land next to our home was chopped down we started to have spiritual activity. My eldest daughter was forced down in her bed. She felt pressure on her chest and the feeling of a hand over her mouth! After struggling she ran up to my room. After that my youngest had felt something climb on her bed. Felt an arm around her. She freaked and ran to my room. The following night she slept next to me. I felt something climb between us. I raised my arm and struck down on the spot I felt the movement. I had our local investigation team over. They uncovered three spirits. One named Christian communicated. The lands where I live were field hospitals during the war of 1812. After they left I went into my youngest son room and spoke to Christian. I reminded him that he was a soldier and a gentleman! What was happening to my daughters was not the act of a gentleman. Since then we haven’t had any more disturbing activity other than a spirit patrolling our steps at night. So much more happened but then I would have written a book! I have had many spirit encounters!


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