Goldfield Dust Devil

 Author: James

 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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One of Colorado’s old abandoned mining towns is called Goldfield. We like to go up there and hike around in the fall because it’s so beautiful in the mountains in that area. You can still go up to some of the old mine buildings, even though you are not supposed to go in them (they are no longer safe). On my first visit there we were checking out the mine foreman’s house that’s still standing. While looking in the windows of the house, I sensed something coming up behind us. When I turned and looked there was a dust devil coming up the trail behind us. For those that don’t know, a dust devil is like a mini tornado that captures dirt and small debris and spins them around until it dissipates. As kids we used to love to run through them just to see what would happen. What was peculiar about this dust devil was the fact that it was following the trail/path exactly as it was laid down. And the trail was in an open space area where there would be nothing to stop it from moving away from the path. Even more strange, when it got to the fence gate, directly in front of me, it stopped and stayed stationary for nearly 20 seconds… as if to make the point that it was presenting itself to me for acknowledgement. I promptly did acknowledge it, and it immediately went on down the path past us before disipating. Pretty sure this was not just a random act of nature. Spirits are capable of manipulating wind in just such a way.


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