I see, feel and smell ghosts Part 1

 Author: Isabella

 Date uploaded: 13th January 2016

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I will tell the short version. I was 6 years old and lived with my parents in the old house where my grandmother lived first. My aunt from Indonesia came and my mother opend the door and my aunt said: i won’t come in, there is a bad person in here. Alot of things happend in that house, so we moved. we have lived there for 1 year. I grew older and always felt that there was more around me, like if i never was alone. My grandfather died when i was 19 years old. when the ambulance came to take the body of my grandfather, me and my mother felt an icecold breeze through our body. i knew it was my grandfather. A few years later i lived alone in my house and at night i woke up from the feeling someone watched at me. i looked up and i saw a big tall tanned man with black hair and a black robe with a white line on it. it scared the shit out of me. weird things happend more in that house like a clock that felt of a bookcase while it could not fell. i moved to an other house and while i was eating with my boyfriend i looked at the kitchen and saw my grandfather standing very clear. i was in shock but it felt good at the same time. A while later my grandmother died and she has teased me for 40 days. ringing the doorbell while no one was there (there was not even a small breeze). my clock felt and broke, my vacuumcleaner explode, a glass felt that could not fell. it all happend in a inexplicable way. 2 years later i moved again and also in that house i saw my grandfather. A while later i was at a gasstation and a strange woman said to me: did your grandfather died? i see him, he is with you to protect you!…i knew this because i always felt my grandfather and still do! 3 years ago my stepgrandmother died and i said a little prayer and asked her to come visit me so once in a while. the moment i said that she ringed 3 times on my crystal ashtray and i knew it was her.


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