I see, feel and smell ghosts Part 2

 Author: Isabella

 Date uploaded: 13th January 2016

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I still smell my grandmothers parfume and i also smell the parfum from my grandfather (Musk) that i always bought for him. Almost every night when i sit on the couch i feel an icecold breeze and when i realy get it cold i say: please move a little from me because i have it cold. and then it goes away. I also have felt many times that someone put his hand on my arm or knee/leg. and also that is so icecold. When i put my own hand on that spot where i have felt it, it feels so much colder then other spots on my body. i know…someone has touched me. I also see very rare shadows and little flashes, i smell also many times flowers and i do not have flowers! I am not scared, i never feel alone i feel like my dead relatives are with me. but…it is kinda weird and i know that. This is only a very short version of all these unexplained things that have happend to me. Thank you for reading my story!


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