I wasn’t alone

 Author: Karly Friesen

 Date uploaded: 17th May 2015

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About 6 years ago my family and i lived in a duplex and my bedroom was in the basement, and so i was in my room all alone just on the computer when i suddenly got overwhelmed with the feeling that i wasn’t alone in the room (even though I was) I thought I was just imagining things so i waited expecting that this feeling would go away but instead it got strong so i said the first name that popped into my head (Emma) and i said ” Emma if you are here open my bedroom door” (which was completely shut and extremely difficult to open) and so i wait about 30 seconds and nothing happened so as I was going back on the computer the door swung open (it scared the crap outta me) and of course I thought it was just my sister playing a trick on me so i ran out into the hallway and no one was there so at this point I was freaking out as I headed back into my room right when i past the door frame I heard what sounded like a child laughing so i said “thank you Emma” and smiled and went upstairs.

Karly Friesen

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