It was the oddest sensation of utter danger Ghostly Reflection

 Author: Carol Nicholson

 Date uploaded: 17th May 2015

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Someone at the window

The photo-bomb picture was taken in 2013 on Halloween, October 31st. I wanted to take a picture of my decorations. I used my I-Pad to do this, so this picture is not a reflection of me! At the time of the picture, the street was completely void of people and traffic. I tried to recreate this photograph by having my daughter stand in the same spot, but no success. I’ve attached a picture of the same spot to compare, and you’ll see how dark it is. Zoom in on the far window, and you’ll see the figure. I look forward to your thoughts!

Spooky Street at Night

As far as my story, I live very close to two cemeteries. I ride my bicycle to work regularly and I pay my respects to family members as I ride by. I do not believe cemeteries are places to be scared of, they are places of remembrance. As I rode to work this particular morning, it was drizzling rain, and quite miserable.

As I rode through the cemetery, I encountered another cyclist, crossing from the Roman Catholic Cemetery into the Non-Denominational Cemetery (which is where I was riding). The rider was a young girl, looked about maybe 16-17 or so, very very pale, long dark hair, plainly dressed, and riding an old single speed bicycle. I said good morning and received no reply, and she didn’t even look at me. At 7:45 a.m. I have never encountered anyone else, so I kept going, and she followed behind me. I’m not the fastest cyclist (I have been passed by joggers) and I wondered why this girl didn’t pass me. About half way down the main road, I suddenly felt like I needed to leave, and leave immediately. It was the oddest sensation of utter danger, so I picked up my pace, and rode out of the cemetery and crossed the empty street ahead of me and once I crossed I looked back and there was no one there. I felt like I had just escaped from something.

I have kept bicycling this route, hoping for this to happen again, but it has not. I have not encountered any other bike riders either. The only thing that has jumped out at me in the cemetery was a deer.

Carol Nicholson

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