Late Night Visitor

 Author: Izabella

 Date uploaded: 29th May 2015

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When I was in 14 I stayed over at my cousins home. Four of us girls slept in the family room. I wasn’t able to sleep so I sat in the kitchen reading. It was around 2am and I noticed the lights in the living room down the hall turned on. I assumed either my aunt or uncle were awake. I called out but got no answer. I suddenly heard footsteps walking towards me from that room down the tile floors in the hallway. They walked around the kitchen table and stopped beside me. As if reading over my shoulder. I had goosebumps! I jumped up and ran back to the family room. I lay down on the sofa. I could see my cousins and their friend asleep in the floor about 5 feet away. Suddenly I heard the garage door that leads into the house open. The family dog came in with a form of a man. The dog came over to smell me then went over to smell the girls. The man stood in the doorway watching me. I was hiding under a crochet blanket trying to look asleep. He may have been a dark figure with the kitchen lights on behind him. I saw him pat his leg a few times but didn’t hear it. The dog ran to him and they left through the garage door. I was unable to sleep. When my aunt and uncle came down for breakfast I asked them about the living room lights and the dog and if my uncle let the dog in. The dog is never allowed in. They also had a good nights sleep. I called my parents to pick me up right away! I would never sleep over there again!



  1. That is a scary story indeed! But who would never let their own dog in the house? That is sad…

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