Medicine Men of Capulin New Mexico

 Author: James

 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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Just outside the small town of Capulin, New Mexico is mostly dormant volcano. The cone of the volcano has collapsed in upon itself, and the lava no longer erupts from the cone, but now comes out from the base of the mountain, in small lava rivers. Within the collapsed cone is a small forest of scrub oak and juniper. Within that forest there live, literally, hundreds of large ravens. The Ravens spend most of the day hovering/diving on the winds that blow through the cone. There are hiking trails that take you around the edge of the cone, above the forest, and, down into the cone itself, below the forest. But not into the forest itself. We like to go there to hike, watch the ravens, and have picnics. During one of our visits, I was talking with Tina about going off the trail and down into the trees, just to see how many birds were actually there. Not more than 3 steps off the trail, and there was suddenly a raven hovering right in front of me. He looked at me, cawed, and moved himself between me and the forest. When I went to go around him, another Raven cam up and did the same. About that time, i looked up and saw that there were about a dozen more Ravens hovering within about 100 feet of where I was standing. Not sure what was actually going on, I moved back up the hill to the trail, and all but the original bird, flew away. The original bird flew over to a rock outcropping and and landed there to keep an eye on me. I walked over to him and he did not fly away. I apologized and told him I would not do it again. The bird looked at me, nodded, and then flew away. When we stopped at the gift shop, on our way home, I mentioned the strange behavior to the owner, He told me that the local Native Americans believed that the volcano was a holy site. Their Medicine Men were said to change into Ravens when they died. That forest was the location that these medicine spirits were supposed to live in.


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