My first encounter with the paranormal

 Author: Antony Perkes

 Date uploaded: 17th May 2015

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I don’t remember much about my childhood growing up in Birmingham, UK, but I do remember my first encounter with the paranormal.
I was pre-teens at the time and shared a bedroom with an elder brother. As far as I remember my only exposure to anything scary was Dr Who and a door in the corner of the room which lead to a cupboard that had the entrance to the loft. I hated that door, something never felt right about it.
One typical night was to be far from typical. I woke up facing the wall with my back to the door and felt like one of the family was standing next to my bed. It was dark,but as I rolled over I could just make out shapes in the room.
The bedroom door was ajar as it would be if one of my parents had come in. I could make out the shape of the windows and in front of them my brother asleep in bed. The wardrobe back to the sidewall, and as I rolled 180 degrees a young girl. But there was only my parents, three brothers and myself on the house. I stared at her and she just looked caringly at me. Her long blond hair fell over her shoulders and white nightdress.
I can’t remember if I spoke to her, but do remember she didn’t speak. Eventually she turned to her right and glided towards the bedroom door. She seemed to pause just before leaving the room and I racked my brain as to what had just happened and what I should do. I decided to wake up my brother and as I told him about it I realised the bedroom door was closed.
No one in the family believed me and told me it was a dream, but it didn’t feel like a dream. It never happened again as far as I know, but several times over a few weeks I would hear a female voice gently call me in the night even when I was wide awake. At first I thought it was my mother as it called me by my family name Antony.
Was it a dream? I was never convinced and years later over a few drinks having one of those brotherly cats I mentioned it again. My brother told me that all three of my brothers who are older than me had had the same experience when younger.

Antony Perkes

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