Old West” saloon in Cimmaron

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 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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There’s a haunted , New Mexico, USA, called the St James Hotel. Their most prominent supernatural spirit is a ghost of a man named TJ. The story is that he won the hotel, from the original owner in a poker game, but, as he was going back to his room after celebrating, said original owner shot him in the back, killing him, and then denied that the poker game had ever happened. It’s said TJ managed to crawl back into his room, before he died, and has been living there ever since… in “his hotel”. The current owners of the Hotel have confirmed that TJ is still there… and that he doesn’t like visitors to his room. They have allowed in PIs, psychics, and even priests in attempts to better understand what is actually in that room. However, anytime they let someone into the room, they get a substantial increase in spirit activity, sometimes lasting for several weeks,… and usually of an unkind nature. People have been terrified so badly that they immediately left, and sometimes even seriously injured. I have been to the Hotel several times, and have had interactions with many of the other resident spirits, but never TJ. In my last visit to the St. James, TJ made a point of introducing himself to me… outside of his room… something I am told he rarely does. I am psychically sensitive, and one of my strongest abilities is to sense Energies of all types (natural and paranormal). To be quite honest, TJ is probably the strongest single Energy I have ever encountered. He made a point of challenging me when he introduced himself (he was a gun fighter/outlaw before he died). I politely refused (I wasn’t there to stir up trouble). And then he went on his way. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but the level of energy he has managed to attain, was far greater than any single spirit I have ever met… anywhere… and I’ve interacted with many different spirits.


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