A peek into my world

 Author: Linda Kybett

 Date uploaded: 18th May 2015

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Not sure where to start, guess I should start with where I grew up, an old house on the edge of the marshes in Kent, built in 1893.

Things used to happen there all the time, things always going missing, I remember one time the sugar bowl disappeared, turned up 3 days later in the fridge,

We used to see someone walk to the back door but there was never anyone there. Things used to happen so often that my mum ended up naming him Fred,

He became part of the family, my bedroom was at the end of the hall, but someone used to walk past my door, which was impossible,

You could only walk up to my door not past it.

We had those old round door handles which used to turn often.

I don’t believe he was bad, just a bit of a joker.

I’m not sure when my dreams started, maybe I’ve always had them? The night my bedroom caught on fire, i was about 5/6 I wouldn’t go to bed,

Begged my brother to sleep at the bottom of his bed. Then hours later my other brother turned the electric blanket on and left it folded under the bed.

My bedroom was destroyed by the fire.

I think the dream i remember the most is when me and my brother were teenagers and we had just got mopeds.

I dreamt my brother came off his moped and slid along the road, and ripped the skin from his hands, I could clearly see the bones, I woke up crying,

Ran to my brothers room and woke him up, made him promise to wear my gloves when he left in the morning. He said he would so I went back to sleep.

Next morning my brother left the house, he said he nearly didn’t take my gloves but as he promised, he did. It was very foggy and he came up to the corner to quick,

When paramedics attended the scene they saw his shredded gloves and said if he had not been wearing them it would have taken the skin to the bone.

My life has been full of weird and wonderful events, not that scary, but it has its moments. I don’t know why i dream or feel things,

I know I’m related to gypsy rose lee, (the fortune teller from Kent, not the burlesque dancer from America. Hee hee) maybe it’s just in my blood.

So many things have happened throughout my life, but I thought you might like the above as a little peek into my world.

Thanks for reading.

Linda Kybett

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