Still haunting me..

 Author: Denise Coleman

 Date uploaded: 28th May 2015

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When my family moved into a house on the early 90’s. We had no idea what was about to unfold, the house was haunted by a malevolent spirit. He would always invade my thoughts, my dreams all the time. He still does I don’t ever think about the house but there he is, I have named him Charlie. He can still scare the shit out of me pulling my hair, scream at me, even pull me out of bed. I wish he would go away but he doesn’t ever leave it’s been over 20+ years and still he haunts me. He is dangerous believe me he is violently spirited always black mass. In my dreams he is a physical man and can touch me it’s really creepy. I really wish Charlie would leave me alone. That’s my story..

Denise Coleman

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