The dangers of confrontation

 Author: James

 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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When Tina and I had first gotten together, she lived in a house where the elderly man who owned it last had died while living on the property. His ghost never moved on, and still resided in the house. As long as it was just her and her kids, he didn’t seem to mind and left them alone, but, once I moved in, he became very aggressive. He would actively try to scare the pets, and the kids, and, he would occasionally scratch Tina, or growl at her when nobody else was around. After a little bit of this, I got angry enough to do something about it. I used my psychic abilities to track him through the house and then to force him outside of the actual living area of the home. I stated it to him in exactly those terms. After that, we no longer had activity inside the house, but we did have activity outside the house. Several times he was seen peeking inside the windows, and he would occasionally bother the dogs when they would be outside in the kennel. As long as he stayed outside the house proper, I left him alone. However, I didn’t think about banning him from the garage. One day I went out to get a cold soda from the garage refrigerator. Upon grabbing the handle, i was nearly electrocuted. Fortunately for me, the current threw me away instead of drawing me in. It did, however, burn my hand, and give me spasms for several hours afterwards. When I yelled, Tina came running out. She tried the handle, nothing happened. Her kids tried it, nothing happened. My kids tried it, nothing happened. This was clearly meant for me. When I reached out to the spirit to ask if it was him, his response was “serves you right”. Lesson learned. If you are going to confront spirits, especially in what was once their own home, you better be prepared for some consequences. We never had that happen again, and we have kept that refrigerator now for 6 more years.


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