The murder pit

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 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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HH Holmes was one of the earliest serial killers ever documented in the United States. They suspect he murdered hundreds of people, maybe even thousands. His claim to fame was to murder people, and then sell organs/skeletons off to medical schools for research. He made enough money doing this, that he was able to build his own Hotel in Chicago, However, this was no ordinary Hotel. Every room had a secret gas line that ran to it. At night, while guests were sleeping, Holmes could turn the gas on to their rooms, and then wheel them down to the basement to commit his crimes. Holmes, however, did not “reuse” all of the body parts. Late at night, he and his assistant would smuggle the the remains of the bodies out for disposal. Holmes had bought a glass factory(complete with blast furnace) to dispose of all evidence. He would put the remains into the blast furnace, and then cremate them there, at that location. Holmes was “discovered” after too many people disappeared that were last know to be in his hotel. When authorities investigated they found out about the Hotel, and, the glass factory. The Hotel still stands today. However, the glass factory was burned to the ground. That area, is now called the murder pit. In late 2012, i was on a haunted tour with a local PI Team in Chicago. As part of the tour, we decided to visit the murder pit. This place had so much energy tied to it, that I could feel it from nearly a half mile away. When we got there, within minutes, i was nearly on the ground, sick from experiencing all of the energy that was still attached to that spot. The strangest part was that the strongest energy spot there, was from a single tree that someone had planted on the edge of the grounds. When I mentioned it to the Team Lead, he showed me pics that they had taken showing a shadow form spirit watching them from that tree. It is my belief that one of the stronger spirits attached itself to that tree and is using it to lay claim over that space.


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