The white dog

 Author: Jenny

 Date uploaded: 27th March 2016

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Few years back I would walk my dog at 4:30 am. It depended on my work schedule. I live in a very quiet town and no one is around at that time. I’m walking down the street and I see a woman walking a big beautiful white dog. She is coming toward me. As I see that she is getting closer I’m hoping that she will cross the street. My dog sees her dog. I’m not sure how her dog will react to my little dog. I crossed the street and hid behind a car, waiting for her to pass. Now mind you we are in the middle of a very long block. I look over and I don’t see them. I’m looking around and I don’t see them. I start listening for a door or gate or even a car door. Silence. I cross the street. They aren’t around. Nothing. I kept walking and wondering where did they go? I went home A couple of years later I’m walking my dog and I see them walking down the street. Again walking towards me. I realized this is a real person. She is getting closer and I’m waiting for her to cross the street. I get annoyed and cross and hide behind a car. Few seconds later I look over and I don’t see them. At this point I heard a door open. I’m assuming she is going into her house. I look and see a man leaving his house and going down the steps. Again no sign of them. To me these were 2 spirits. My town is haunted so I’m not surprised. I remember her having long straight hair and the dog was beautiful. So white and clean looking. Years have gone by and have not seen them again. At this point I wish I would. I be willing to go up to her and see,what would happen


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