Yazoo City Haunted House

 Author: Daniel Gross

 Date uploaded: 28th May 2015

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I rented a 3 bedroom house from a friend of mine, knowing his father and aunt died in the home. I later found out 2 others had also passed there. The first strange occurances were in the Kitchen. I lived alone so no one was playing games. The sound of cupboard doors bumping closed was a pretty regular noise. Then one night, at about 2 am, I was awaken to the sound of a cupbard door slam very loudly. I jumped out of bed and was shocked to find every door and drawer in the kitchen wide open! Even the one’s that were empty. The bedroom his father died in was a room that made me uncomfortable to be in. It had a totally different feel from the rest of the house. The door would latch closed but I found it open about 3 inches every morning. So I put a simple hook and latch on it. The following morning the door was once again open and the hook was completely bent in half. I also had a pair of hiking boots that I always kept by the front door. One came up missing. I had to go into the Dad’s room for something as I used it for storage. Found the boot in the middle of the floor! Took it back to the front and within 30 mins. it had disappeared again! I thought, no friggin way. Went into the room again and it was on a dresser on the far side of the room! There were many occurances like this but not quite as dramatic. It never scared me as much as made me wonder what the heck was going on! Moved from the home and my new place had no such events to recount.

Daniel Gross


  1. I use to live in a house a bit like that. The only difference being the presence in my house was not of the friendly kind. I had my children’s room blessed. That was the only room he would never enter. I am glad to hear that your new home is ghost free.

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