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The Story So Far: Hauntings of England Paranormal Investigations

3rd May 2015

I will attempt to explain and put a reasonable honest account of what we have discovered in our episodes. I hope it will give people who are into the paranormal some hindsight into our work and enable to encourage debate, and give valuable education on how we conduct ‘Paranormal Investigations’.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, The Paranormal Clock!

We have investigated many locations during the filming of season 1 which is currently showing on PTRV ( ROKU TV). We are part way through filming episodes for season 2.

I want to try and give a snapshot of what we have discovered on our quest, our journey, during our season 1 and season 2. I will try to cover as much ground as possible in explaining what we encountered and use our knowledge and experience to try to draw some conclusions during this process. We must keep an open mind, simply because we are dealing with the paranormal subject, it is one which causes so much debate and opinion amongst the paranormal community.

We seek the truth and only the truth for what we believe to be the truth, that Paranormal worlds exist and remain and reach out in many forms.

During our investigations we have encountered some prolific paranormal activity that we will never forget. When we establish a location for investigation, we endeavour to get some history simply for our narration in our episode, but try not to get too much information as this can be biased to our investigation and we do like to go in blind as much as possible. What is key, is to have the ability to try to validate claims or debunk where necessary so a little background is important but too much can hamper the investigation, our aim is to try and investigate using common sense and rationale, remember there are NO experts in the paranormal field, we prefer the word experience, this is more suited simply because the paranormal has not yet been proven or disproven because it is an ‘unknown’.

Therefore, we must try to keep that in mind. However, what we all can agree on is that there are strange happenings that occur in the paranormal world that cannot be easily explained. This is where deep thinking, applying common sense and rationale plays a vital part in trying to understand what we are dealing with.

The next section we will be examining portions of our evidence and try to put you in our shoes in order for you to try to get a feel for the reality of a paranormal investigation. So, open the door and step inside this maze of paranormal madness.

During our investigations we have experienced unbelievable paranormal activity these include the following:

  1. Evp, Dvp, Rvp, captured on audio devices including cam mics and Sb7 spirit box, Tascam Dr 05, Panasonic Dr 06 and other Evp digital recorders.
  2. Massive temperature spikes, which always seem to be prevalent when activity is highly active, these often are a sign of spirits present during communication sessions.
  3. Cold Spots. These often affect an individual or individuals where the temperature of an area can feel icy but registers a warmer reading, this is a common phenomenon and where all methods have been used to debunk that it is not from contamination, can be amazing to experience, usually results in instant goose bumps and hair standing on end.
  4. Angel’s fingers. This is a feeling that cobwebs are felt upon the skin, yes these are often scrutinised and in a lot of cases there has been no cobwebs.
  5. Battery drain and equipment failure. These are bizarre happenings and very common when activity is present, and usually when there are cold spots, where they are not climatic or environmental. The incredible rate that power packs, batteries are depleted of power is common and on many occasions we have experienced this even more so extraordinary when multiple devices go down at same time. Drains of power in minutes, rather than hours, kit malfunction where equipment switches off for no apparent reason, only later to work perfectly is also something we have encountered on numerous investigations.
  6. Sickness like nausea and vomiting, where an individual can feel light headed, sweaty, and a general feeling of being unwell takes over, and forces the person to flee that area, often a kind of warning from an entity or an attack, this is our belief. Moreover, we have felt this phenomenon in all of our investigations, very unpleasant.
  7. Footsteps. These we have encountered on many occasions and where scrutinised that it is not being caused by contamination are exciting and extraordinary at the same time.
  8. Light anomaly and Orbs. It is very easy to distinguish between dust and insects or camera glare, they often appear when activity is taking place, our belief is they somehow charge the air with energy in order for Evps to come through with clarity, we have noticed also some of these appear to contain a face within them and are not caused by matrix – simply because it has happened frequently with such clarity showing human features very perplexing.
  9. Shadow figures. These do happen on investigations and are often attributed to the mind playing tricks. However, in our opinion they are very real and quite scary and those that cannot be debunked for example by light or other contamination are amazing to witness, very intriguing and leave us pondering. We shall also include objects being thrown, bangs, and disembodied sounds (these include vocal responses) where there can be no plausible reason or explanation why they are taking place and what the cause is. We have also felt dark energy which instantly fills one with angst, fear and oppression, in our view a sign of malevolence from a dark entity and must not be dismissed or taken lightly.

We would like to thank fellow Paranormal Investigators that have helped us on several investigations (all who are good friends) for their ethics, support and professional approach we are very grateful for the invaluable input they gave us! We hold you dear to our hearts! Carl Hutchinson, Jo Titcombe, Vicky Horner, Fiona Phillips EMP (East Midlands Paranormal), Tom Newell (GPI Paranormal).

The Quest continues……


  1. I hope you guys continue to investigate for a very long time. I admire and respect the work that you do. Proving that there is more to this life we live. The afterlife is for real

  2. You share a similar theory to mine. I believe that an afterlife or spirit world of some sort exists but it moves on a different plane or at a different frequency from ours. At times our world and theirs meshes for brief periods and we are able to look in as much as they are to look out and that’s when encounters occur. In some places this synchronising of the worlds takes place more readily and hence these places become known for being haunted. I once encountered a spirit in an old isolation hospital, which had been converted to a house in Ascension Island. It was a brief encounter lasting only a few seconds and was strangely very calming. I could sense we were both looking at each other with amazement. I see from your locations that you operate in the East Midlands area so assume you must be local. I’m from Newark on Trent. Would love to tag along one time. Mike

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